Global vehicle emission experts debate ‘dieselgate’ at FIA Foundation seminar

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The FIA Foundation has hosted 30 world experts on vehicle emissions testing at a seminar on the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal.

The recent cases of cheating on emissions and fuel economy testing have caused shockwaves throughout the automotive sector. For those manufacturing, regulating or advocating in the field, the emergence of such behaviour, whilst perhaps not a complete surprise, does pose fundamental challenges for the future of automotive testing.

Concerns have frequently been expressed over differences between tested and on-road vehicle performance, with recent developments in the EU test cycle, indicating a desire on the part of some regulators to generate improvements. However, there are many aspects to the issue, and the discussion at the seminar, held at the FIA Foundation on 8th June, covered a wide range of issues. Consumers need reliable information on which to make their choices; regulators need to be sure that their rules are being adhered to; and manufacturers need to engage fully.

FIA Foundation Deputy Director Sheila Watson said 'FIA Foundation was delighted to be host this event, the latest in our seminar programme, which brought together real expertise on an issue which is of vital importance. The context for this issue - poisonous air which is killing millions; $ trillions in wasted fuel; and needless extra gigatonnes of CO2 - is simply huge. We must see improvements in the regime, and as an independent mobility charity with a mantra of 'safe, clean, fair and green' mobility, we are happy to be a part of the solution'.

The seminar is the beginning of a process. The proceedings of the seminar will be published. The presentations from those who attended are below.