The Real Urban Emissions (TRUE) Initiative is a partnership of expert groups with a shared interest in cleaning up vehicles and improving urban air quality.

The FIA Foundation, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), Transport and Environment (T&E), C40 Cities, and Global NCAP (GNCAP) are involved in a small steering group for the work of TRUE. A wider network of expert and interested groups, such as a number of Remote Sensing research groups in Europe are also involved in helping to support TRUE's work.

TRUE's broad objectives are to:

  • Collect and publish real world emissions data with the objective of raising awareness about the magnitude and scope of excess vehicle emissions.

  • Support city efforts to inform consumers with transparent emissions data, and to support effective policy.

FIA Foundation
Global NCAP
Transport and Environment
C40 Cities

'The TRUE initiative is open, transparent and innovative.

Open - we are committed to connecting with all relevant stakeholders, to releasing all of our results, and to sharing our objectives Transparent - secrecy has been at the heart of the problems with vehicle emission testing which we have seen to date. We are entirely open about our partners, our funding sources and our methodology Innovative - we support all forms of testing, but particularly the more innovative remote sensing as it offers huge benefits in terms of the number of observations and the real world setting in which measurements are taken.'

Sheila Watson, Deputy Director, FIA Foundation

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

“Thanks to the FIA Foundation to be part of #TRUEemissions project. Citizens deserve true data on their vehicles’ emissions."

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

City Projects

Press Conference

In March 2017, Mayor Anne Hidalgo of Paris and Mayor Sadiq Khan of London announced that those cities would begin to score cars based on real-world emissions and impact on air quality, and to publicize that information. The intent is to help consumers make better, more informed choices about the environmental impact of the cars they drive.

Paris and London will use data from the TRUE project in scoring real-world vehicle emissions. TRUE vehicle ratings have been developed based on results of real-world vehicle emissions testing campaigns from around Europe. Additional emissions measurements will take place in London and Paris, refining the scoring to the specific conditions of each city. Berlin is also working with TRUE in a similar fashion.

Data generated from the TRUE project will also give these cities a better understanding of the levels and causes of pollutant emissions from road transport, a detailed picture of the characteristics of vehicles operating in and around them, and insights into measures that could prove effective in curbing emissions, such as vehicle bans, vehicle charging schemes, low emissions zones, and incentive programs.

Other cities will have the opportunity to join the TRUE project as it progresses, and details of this on-going work will be reported on the TRUE website.

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