TRUE Asia launches with vehicle remote sensing emissions study in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Remote Sensing Testing in Rawamangun Toll Entrance. (Photo credit: ICCT - Aditya Mahalana)
Remote Sensing Testing in Rawamangun Toll Entrance. (Photo credit: ICCT - Aditya Mahalana)

A TRUE-Asia study of real world emissions has just begun in Jakarta, Indonesia. Led by ICCT who are working in collaboration with Bandung Institute of Technology, and are supported by the Indonesian Toll Road Authority (Badan Pengatur Jalan Tol/BPJT) and the Government of Jakarta, the study is among the first of its kind to be conducted in the Southeast Asia region. It will measure the exhaust emissions of tens of thousands of in-use vehicles using remote sensing technology and will provide detailed insight into the pollution emissions of the Jakarta fleet.

On-road vehicles contribute significantly to poor air quality in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and its largest city. Real-world emissions data collected in this study will be crucial for developing a better understanding of the emissions from existing vehicle fleets operating in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. The remote sensing campaign aims to measure the emissions of a minimum of 100,000 vehicles. Data will be collected at a number of locations throughout the metropolitan area to provide a diverse sample.

Data collected during the study will be used to identify high-emitting vehicle groups and to evaluate the effectiveness of vehicle emission regulations, particularly those targeting diesel vehicles. For a megacity such as Jakarta, reductions in vehicular emissions can contribute significantly to air quality improvement. Findings from the study will support authorities in designing better policies to control vehicle emissions and to prepare for the implementation of more stringent emission standards. The data will supplement other TRUE analysis to develop a better picture of real world emissions in the region and globally.

(Main image: Remote Sensing testing in Cempaka Putih Toll Entrance. (Photo credit: ICCT - Aditya Mahalana))