TRUE data featured in NYC Environmental Law

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The TRUE Initiative recently contributed an article to the November edition of the Environmental Law in New York newsletter, highlighting the work from the recent TRUE report, ‘Air quality and health impacts of diesel truck emissions in New York City and policy implications’.

The article summarized findings which showed significant health impacts of diesel trucks operating in New York City and the contribution of diesel trucks to racial inequities in air pollution exposure. These results were reviewed in the context of the recent addition to the New York State Constitution stating, “Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment”.

Additionally, the article highlighted the importance of city policies in combination with major regulations at the federal and state level, as the U.S. EPA has proposed lower pollutant limits for new trucks beginning in 2027 and New York State has adopted the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) Regulation, requiring manufacturers to sell an increasing share of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles. Key strategies for New York City include reducing the share of pre-2010 engine model year diesel trucks through rebates, updating inspection and maintenance programs to address high-emitting vehicles, targeting emission reductions in heavily burdened environmental justice areas, and accelerating the shift to zero-emission transport.

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